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About Jill Farrant

On the surface, Jill Farrant looks more rockín roll than science. Farrant ...



Professor Farrant's research involves investigation of the mechanisms of d...


Plant desiccation tolerance

Desiccation tolerance in plants refers to the ability to withstand or endur...

Tapping into the secrets of plants

mg.co.za - Jill Farrant, holder of a research chair in plant molecular physiology in UCTís Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology and UCTís first woman A-rated scientist, is finding out how the secrets of drought-resistant plants can be tapped to boost agriculture in drought areas.

Jill Farrantís work on drought-tolerant plants is winning her accolades, left, right and centre. Earlier this year, she was the winner of the Harry Oppenheimer Fellowship Award, and in August was named the Distinguished Woman Scientist in the Life Sciences in the South African Women in Science Awards (WISA).


Resurrection plant could save us

mg.co.za -When you sit down to a bowl of cornflakes one breakfast time 40 years from now, you might just want to close your eyes and offer thanks to Professor Jill Farrant.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation predicts that climate change will force many countries to abandon crop farming by 2050. But ground-breaking work by Farrant could save the day.


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