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On the surface, Jill Farrant looks more rock’n roll than science. Farrant ...



Professor Farrant's research involves investigation of the mechanisms of d...


Plant desiccation tolerance

Desiccation tolerance in plants refers to the ability to withstand or endur...

Who is Jill Farrant ? (L'Oréal-UNESCO Awards 2012)

Jill Farrant, professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, is the world's leading expert on resurrection plants, which 'come back to life' from a desiccated, seemingly dead state when they are rehydrated. Professor Farrant is investigating the ability of many species of these plants to survive without water for long periods of time from a number of angles, from the molecular, biochemical and ultrastructural to the whole-plant ecophysiological, using a unique comparative approach and working with many different species of resurrection plants and a variety of tissues.


Jill Farrant wins major global award for her contribution to life sciences

theearthisround.co.za - Professor Jill Farrant of the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at UCT has become the third UCT woman scientist - and the fourth from South Africa - to win a L'Oréal-UNESCO Women in Science Award in Life Sciences.

Plant physiologist Professor Jill Farrant from the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at UCT has added another feather to her cap: the L'Oréal-UNESCO Women in Science Award in Life Sciences. On 8 November, she was named one of five women from around the world to win a 2012 L'Oréal-UNESCO Women in Science Award in Life Sciences.


Raising the dead: SA scientist honoured for drought-tolerant crop research

foodstuffsa.co.za - An earlier article on UCT's Professor Jill Farrant notes that in 40 years time, as people sit down to a bowl of cornflakes at breakfast time, they might just want to close their eyes and offer thanks to this South African scientist. Farrant's work on developing drought-resistant plants could have a profound impact on the world as climate change affects agriculture - and it is for this reason that Farrant has been selected as the African/Arab laureate for the 2012 L’Oréal-Unesco Awards in Life Sciences. Every year it recognises five exceptional women scientists from around the world, from hundreds of nominations.


Unesco Honors Five Women for Scientific Research

passblue.com - Scientists from Australia, Mexico, South Africa, Britain and the United States working in research fields connected to health issues have been chosen the 2012 winners of the Women in Science Award given jointly by Unesco and the L’Oreal cosmetics company.

The scientists who were chosen, each to receive a $100,000 prize, were selected by an independent panel of leading global scientists. The awards, which have been given annually since 1998, will be presented in March in Paris.


The key to life revealed in her 'Lazarus plants'

timeslive.co.za - South African scientist praised for unlocking secrets to drought-surviving crops, writes Rowan Philp

AT the age of nine, Jill Farrant noticed a plant on her family farm which had somehow come back to life a day after looking shrivelled and dead.

Writing in her journal, she described how her father did not believe her about the bobbejaanstert shrub's revival: "Went to flat rocks and the ded [sic] plant was alive. Dad said it was too soon after the rain."


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